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  • TVG Activities

  • Traveller Hand-made Rosary Beads

  • Travellers and Horses

  • Cork Traveller Pride Week: opening event

    A traveller horse parading through Cork city.

  • Cork Traveller Pride Week

  • 21st Anniversary Celebration

    TVG Staff  and Management celebrating 21 year (2015)

  • Cork TVG in the City

    Cork Traveller Visibility Group Staff speaking in the city centre.

  • Combat Team

Our History

The TVG started in the early 1990’s. At that time there was no community development work for Travellers and more charitable based approaches were supporting the Traveller Community like the Itinerant Settlement Committee (1960’s to 1980’s). The Itinerant

Who are Irish Travellers?

“… a small indigenous minority group that has been part of Irish society for centuries. They have a value system, language, customs and traditions, which make them an identifiable group both to themselves and to others. ......”

Our Work

The foundation of our work is based on community development principles and practices. We seek to bring these into all aspects of our work whether it is through group work, one to one support work, through the childcare centre or our participation at committee..

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Traveller Visibility Group Ltd
25 Lower John St, Cork, Ireland


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Our Mission

“TVG is a Traveller led Cork based organisation which brings the settled community and Travellers together in order to facilitate community development work for the Traveller community.”

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Funded by:

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Further supports:

University College Cork Pavee Point Ie AN ROINN DLÍ AGUS CIRT AGUS COMHIONANNAIS | DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE AND EQUALITY Cork Equal and Sustainable Communities Alliance (CESCA) Irish Traveller Movement Comhairle Cathrach Chorcaí |Cork City Council
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